diamond mining

How Diamonds Are Mined

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We do not think very often about how the diamonds we wear came to us. Natural diamonds, as opposed to synthetic diamonds or fake diamonds, are mined from the earth. There are now two methods of mining diamonds: Pipe Mining and Alluvial Mining.

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When pipe mining is utilized, the diamonds are taken from the earth through volcanic pipes. But these aren’t man-made pipes. They are natural pipes in the earth. Shanks are put into the ground next to the pipes, and tunnels are driven into the deepest parts of the pipe.

At the mine, the diamonds are not sorted out. Huge rocks that are full of diamonds are brought out of the mine instead and sent to a screening plant for separation.

The Alluvial mining method is done on beaches in riverbeds. Walls are built to keep back the water and the sand on the beach or bank is moved with a bulldozer until the level of earth where diamonds can be found in is reached. Again, the diamonds are not sorted here. Instead, the sand that contains the diamonds is bulldozed into trucks, and taken to screening plants.

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