baltic amber necklace

Baltic Amber and Baby Teething

I learned a new and interesting fact about the healing/therapeutic powers of Baltic Amber. For centuries in Eastern Europe amber has been used as a remedy for the pain a baby experiences during teething. This has also become a fashionable use for amber in recent times with stores selling baby amber teething necklaces?

Parents are interested in finding a remedy for the pain that does not involve resorting to drugs, and many swear that the amber really works. The Amber teething necklace is not used like a teething ring. The amber is not meant for the baby’s mouth, but just to be worn around the neck.

Amber is considered a natural analgesic when worn against the skin. Those who promote its healing powers claim that the gem reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system.

There are two theories I have come across that may explain the therapeutic properties of amber. One involves the warmth of the skin releasing the natural healing oils from the amber onto the skin, which gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

A second theory I am told is based in the science of electromagnetism. Findings show that amber is electro-magnetically charged with a significant amount of electronegative organic energy. This means that wearing amber produces negative ionization, which is good for the body (much the way that people wear those magnetic bracelets). Of course these positive therapeutic effects would likewise apply to adults as well as babies.

I am usually skeptical about homeopathic magic cure therapies, but people have been using amber in this way for centuries, and I know mothers who swear it works. When I mother knows her baby is in pain she will be sure to do whatever she can to help soothe the baby, so I have to believe them that there is something to this! I love Baltic Amber for its beauty and style, but am happy to hear it may serve another purpose as well!